The Sad Side of Seven Years: A Tribute to Cimmaron “Cim”

I’ve always been a numbers person.  It suits me well as a business owner.  A lot of numbers flow through my head each day at work….number of visits completed this week; this month; this year.  Number of clients who are active.  Number of Team Members we need to maintain a certain capacity number.  So, I pretty much look at numbers every day.  And we feel very lucky because most of the time, the numbers look really good.

Todays number however, made me sad.  I learned of the passing of Cimmaron today and I was immediately reminded of the sheer number of pet LIVES who have passed through Peak City Puppy and the fact that at seven years….we’re starting to see some of our originals make their journey to the Rainbow Bridge.

I met Cimmaron and his sister felines back in 2010 when I personally met every client.  I recall the detailed instructions his dutiful dog Mom, Jen left for us EVERY day, despite the fact that 1.) We came at least 3 times a week for well over four years and 2.) Most of the time, the instructions were exactly the same.

It always made me smile though, as I realized that we were lucky enough to be caring for a dog (and cats) whose Mom was so attentive to his needs, she felt she needed to update us on anything that may change with his routine.  When he experienced some debilitating back pains, she’d ask us to use our 20 minute mid-day walk to just let him out and let him enjoy their lush back yard.  Then on days when he was feeling better, he’d surprise us all by seeming to bound up and down the slight hills comprising his neighborhood.

Cim was a sweet Golden mix.  He looked like a lion and loved like a teddy bear.  I don’t know what “number” client he was for Peak City Puppy, but I know it’s been a really long time that we’ve had the sheer pleasure of caring for him, so my bet is that he was Client # single or double-digit.

Cim’s passing reminds me of the hardest part about loving pets and running a company dedicated to their care.  That for as much as they give us, their time with us is always too short.  Our days feel “numbered” as we watch grey muzzles appear, medication regimens begin and walk requests get shorter.  This is the sad part about the fact that we’re now in our seventh year which for some breeds, is a lifetime.

So to Cim, we will miss you, sweet Bear.  Rest comfortably and take care of all our friends who’ve gifted us with their presence at Peak City Puppy.  We feel the loss of 1 as much as the dozens before and after you…