Stress Free Travel with Your Dog in Tow

by Lesley White, owner, Peak City Puppy

Summertime is travel time, and for many families in the Cary area, it’s a time we look forward to all year. However, the idea of getting everything packed up, coordinating itineraries and considering lodging options can be exhausting, and doubly so when you add a furry friend in the mix. Traveling with pets doesn’t have to be a chore! Follow our top tips for stress free travel with your dog so you can enjoy your summer with your whole family without leaving anyone behind.

Be Sure to Pack Accordingly

Whether you’re in for a quick jaunt to the mountains or beach, a cross country road trip or a flight to another state, traveling with the entire family—Fido included—requires some advanced planning. With pets, it’s important to ensure that you have everything on hand before you leave on your trip to reduce stress and avoid accidentally forgetting something. Before you leave, be sure you have these items packed up:

  • Food

  • A comfortable bed

  • Toys and other distractions

  • A blanket or other item that smells like home

  • Prescriptions and medications

  • And plenty of patience


Keep it Puppy-Friendly

A trip to Disney World or the zoo might sound like the ideal vacation activity for you, but unfortunately, many attractions and other leisure activities are not pet friendly. When planning your stress-free vacation with your pets, it’s important to keep in mind that they might not be welcome everywhere you want to go. While you don’t have to plan your trip around your pet, you should make sure that you incorporate some pet-friendly activities each day of your travels. Make sure to set aside time for exercise and long walks, and take time to look up places at your travel destination that you may be able to enjoy with your pets including parks, pet-friendly outdoor restaurants and even festivals. For some great ideas, check out for pet-friendly activities wherever your travels may take you.

Plan Your Trip with Their Needs in Mind

If you plan to bring your pet with you on your summer vacation, proper advance planning is required to make sure that your trip is safe and enjoyable for all involved. Consider not just how you will get there and how your dog will handle transit, but also where you will stay and how you will care for their everyday needs. Bringing a pet with you means you will need to stay in pet-friendly accommodations, and make time to get your dog adjusted to his new surroundings before being away for large amounts of time. Bringing your pet with you on vacation is a commitment, and one you shouldn’t take lightly.

If you’ve decided that Fido might not have as much fun on your trip as you would like, it might be time to call in the professionals. Here at Peak City Puppy, our dog walking services can help keep your dog exercised and happy while you are away. The peace of mind we give to our Peak City Puppy families is just one of the reasons we are the Most Trusted Dog Walkers in the Triangle.

Learn more about how we can help make summer vacations, and every day, less stressful for you and your pup at