4 Essential Holiday Safety Tips for Pets

By Lesley White, Peak City Puppy

The holidays are upon us, and for those of us with pets in the home, the excitement can also lead to a bit of anxiety. Even though our dogs and cats are part of our families, they might not share the same enthusiasm for the holiday season and everything that comes with it. Keeping your pets safe during this holiday season should be a top priority to make sure that your entire family can enjoy the festivities. Read on to learn four top safety tips for pets so you can have a little more cheer and a little less worry.

Keep Plants and Decorations out of Reach

Few things are as festive as garland, holly, trees and lights, but to your furry friend these items might look like a tasty snack. Seasonal plants like holly and mistletoe can be toxic to pets, and flowers and branches can easily cause stomach upset. To make sure your pet is safe, keep toxic plants a safe distance away from where your cat or dog can reach. Keep lights out of the way so your fur babies don’t end up tangled or shocked and be sure to keep a close eye on candles. With a little foresight, your winter wonderland doesn’t have to turn into a big disaster.

Watch Out for Toxic Holiday Food

With so much food and so many treats around during the holidays, it might be easy to give in to those puppy eyes and give your pet a treat meant for humans, but doing so could cause your pet serious health issues. Aside from ample sugar, fat and other unhealthy substances that are present in many holiday dishes, there may be some unexpected foods that are actually toxic to your furry friend. A few examples include:

  • Grapes

  • Dairy products

  • Chocolate

  • Onions and garlic

  • Bones

  • Yeast

There are many other foods you should avoid giving your pets not just during the holidays but all year round. Check out this list compiled by the ASPCA for more resources. https://www.aspca.org/pet-care/animal-poison-control/people-foods-avoid-feeding-your-pets

Keep Pets Secure

Even the most friendly pet can get a little skittish when there are lots of people and loud noises around. The holiday season sees many pets run away to get away from the hustle and bustle, but that doesn’t have to be you! To keep your pets safe and sound this holiday season, provide your pets with an area they can use to escape the excitement and have some quiet time. Make sure that doors and windows are not left open or unsecured to keep your furry friend from wandering away. Finally, if you are expecting guests during the holidays, speak with them about your house rules and remind them about your pet and ways that they can minimize stress.

A Tired Pet is a Safe and Happy Pet

A great way to minimize stress for your dog and keep them safe this holiday season is to make sure that your pet receives the proper exercise that they need. Daily walks and potty breaks are a must and can help your pet enjoy the holidays even more. If your dog is long on energy and you and your family are short on time this holiday season, Peak City Puppy can help. With services such as their Signature Dog Walk Service or New Puppy Potty Service, Peak City Puppy can help you enjoy a safe, happy and fun holiday with your entire family. The company has provided peace of mind to over 1,000 clients in the Triangle completing over 25,000 visits annually.  For more information visit:  www.peakcitypuppy.com

Lesley White is the owner of Peak City Puppy, a Triangle-based Dog Walking service now in its tenth year serving clients in Apex, Cary, Holly Springs, Raleigh, Morrisville and now New Hill.