4 Resolutions to Make with Your Pets in 2019

By Lesley White, Peak City Puppy

The New Year is a time for fun, excitement, and of course, New Year’s resolutions! Whether you’re resolving to get healthier, read more books, achieve a milestone or something in between, we all want to better ourselves in 2019. However, you aren’t the only one in your home that could use a change–why not get your pets included in your resolutions, too? Read on to learn all about four New Years resolutions to make with your pets for a happier new year.

Switch Your Pet to a Healthier Diet

Of course we all eat too much of the wrong things sometimes—after all, it’s the holiday season! If one of your resolutions is to eat healthier in the new year, why not extend that sentiment to your pets as well? In 2019, consider talking to your vet about the best pet food for them, and make the commitment to improve their diet with healthier (or less frequent) treats and chews. Just changing your pets diet can help them become much healthier, control their weight and hopefully add years to their life that you can enjoy with them. One local company we stand behind is THE PET PANTRY who delivers premium quality dog & cat food right to your door www.FeedYourPets.com

Find More Ways to Include Your Pets

A new year can be exciting as we look forward to all the fun times ahead, but when you’re planning trips and fun outings with your family, consider if you can include your pets as well. If you are planning a trip, consider going somewhere that Fido or Fluffy can tag along. If your pet has never been to the beach or the mountains, think about taking them as part of your resolutions. Even something as simple as finding more ways to include them in your daily activities like jogging, hiking, camping or even rides through the bank’s drive through can make a big difference in the happiness of your pets.

Invest (Time or Money) in Training

Let’s face it, pets are just like children in that they never behave perfectly–at least not for long. However, having well-trained and obedient pets isn’t just about having fun tricks to show off. One of the most important things you can do to keep your pet safe and happy is obedience training and setting boundaries so he knows how he should always behave. Committing to obedience training will also bring you and your pet closer together as you work toward a common goal.

Commit to a Daily Walk Routine

As any seasoned dog trainer knows, a well-exercised dog is the foundation for good obedience.  Dogs are creatures that are made to walk, so in the New Year, consider a daily walk essential rather than optional for your pet.  Adequate exercise extends the life of your pet as well, helping with weight control and joint mobility.

Do you want to help keep your pet healthy in 2019 but are running short on time? At Peak City Puppy, our Signature Dog Walk Service may be a great fit. Starting at just $15 per visit, Dog Walk visits include flexible on-line scheduling, GPS-timed email notifications upon arrival, and a personalized walking journal so you can remain up to date on changes with your dog’s behavior or routine. To learn more about this service and all the ways we can help make life with your dog healthier, happier and more convenient, go to www.PeakCityPuppy.com. Best wishes for a great start to 2019!

Lesley White is the owner of Peak City Puppy, a Triangle-based Dog Walking & New Puppy Potty service now in its tenth year serving clients in Apex, Cary, Holly Springs, Raleigh, Morrisville and now New Hill.